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Tranquility Landscaping offers a variety of maintenance packages guaranteed to keep your garden healthly, productive, and free of unwanted growth.
Here are just a few of our packages:
Weekly lawn cutting
Bi-weekly weeding and lawn-cutting
Bi-monthly planting and pruning
All our packages are available from April through to October.  Bi-monthly maintenance plans for the winter months are also available.
Our packages start at a low monthly fee of $50.  Call us for more details.
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Garden Designs
Tranquility Landscaping specializes in designing gardens that reflect the glory of each passing season.
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Planting Options
Tranquility Landscaping cultivates a huge variety of plants uniquely suited to the climate and soil of the west coast garden.  We guarantee the health and hardiness of all the flowers, shrubs, and trees we use to enhance the beauty of your garden.
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Who We Are
Mavis Adams, Owner
Mavis established Tranquility Landscaping in 1982 and since then has built one of the largest and most successful landscaping design services on the North Shore.  The garden at her own home in scenic Deep Cove, North Vancouver, reflects her dedication to quality design and unique plantings.  Almost every year since 1990, her garden has garnered the top prize in the North Shore Beautiful Gardens Contest.
Jack Wong, Design Supervisor
Jack joined Tranquility Landscaping in 1994 after ten years as a supervising gardener at the famed Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia.  Jack is particularly interested in using  indigenous plants to create the ultimate west coast garden.
Ellen Sawicki, Landscape Architect
Ellen studied at the prestigious London School of Landscape Architecture before emigrating to Canada and joining Tranquility Landscaping in 1989.  Her garden designs have won numerous awards in Canada, the United States, and England.